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Best Neurosurgeon In Ahmedabad


Neurosurgeons are not merely brain surgeons. They are medically prepared neurosurgical experts who can similarly help patients experiencing back and neck pain, equally as a massive group of different ailments reaching out from neuralgia to head injury and Parkinson’s infection. 


Neurosurgery is a forte identified with the finding and treatment of nervous system disorders, including the mind, skull, spine, and spinal string. Sunshine Surgical Hospital has a team of expert neurosurgeons doctors in Ahmedabad.


Neurosurgical and micro neuro-surgical techniques are utilized to treat the disability caused by a neurological problem. A highly qualified and skilled team of neurosurgeons and medical staff is directing the patients through the whole procedure.


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We have equipped with the latest technologies and supplies like Stereotaxis (CT/MRI), Radio Frequency Lesion Generator, Microscope, IITV, X-Ray, etc. Sunshine Surgical Hospital has the best neurosurgeon in Ahmedabad.

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