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Dr. Krunal Solanki gives all types of Advance Laparoscopy Treatment like Abdominal Hernia treatment, Gastro Intestinal Surgery, gallbladder stone, Anal Fissure & Fistula Surgery, Thyroid, Piles, Cancer, Urology, Trauma & General Surgery in Ahmedabad.


Laparoscopic Hernia Surgeon in Ahmedabad – Sunshine Surgical Hospital is the top hernia doctor in Ahmedabad & laparoscopic surgery hospital in Ahmedabad with having experienced gastro doctors.


Laparoscopy is a careful strategy that our specialists in treating and diagnosing many illnesses and states of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis with a laparoscope. 


In the Endoscopy procedure, the specialist embeds a long-thin tube directly into the body so that he could notice interior organs or tissues in detail. It very well may be utilized for different assignments, additionally concerning minor surgery. Read more about: Hernia Surgery Types and Recovery


Your specialist may embed Endoscope through openings of the body, for example, mouth or anus. Sunshine Surgical Hospital is popular for its best service provider in laparoscopic surgery in Ahmedabad. Laparoscopic and endoscopic cooperative surgery (LECS) is a surgical technique that combines laparoscopic partial gastrectomy and endoscopic submucosal dissection. 


Endoscopic resection is performed under laparoscopic control. The endoscopist performs an endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) or endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) with laparoscopic help.


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At Sunshine Surgical Hospital, we have expert physicians and outstanding medical care for providing the best surgical patient experience. Hence patients get right complete treatment for their disease at the same time.

Laparoscopic FAQ

What Is Laparoscopic Surgery?

Laparoscopic Surgery, Also Known As Minimally Invasive Surgery, Is When The Surgery Is Performed Through A Small Incision With A Dimension Of About 1 To 1.5cm.

How Does A Laparoscopic Surgeon Work?

The term laparoscopic surgery refers to a type of surgery that is performed with minimally invasive incisions.


Laparoscopic Surgery: What are The Advantages?

Comparatively to traditional open surgery, patients usually experience less pain and a shorter recovery time after laparoscopic surgery. The Routine Use Of The Laparoscopic Method Can Reduce Significantly The Risk Of Many Of The Complications Of Open Surgery, Including Huge Incisional Hernias And Intestinal Adhesions That Lead To Intestinal Obstruction, In addition, laparoscopic surgery preserves the integrity of the abdomen, which maintains the best functional state of the abdominal wall 

Is Laparoscopic Surgery Safe?

As long as the procedure is performed by a skilled surgeon, laparoscopic surgery is just as safe as traditional open surgery. To Determine if laparoscopic surgery is a safe procedure, the surgeon first examines the abdomen. During an operation, the surgeon may have to make a larger incision because of severe inflammation or other factors that prevent him from seeing clearly the structures. The risk of complications related to anesthesia, bleeding, or infection is obvious with any intestinal surgery. A specific operation’s risk is in part determined by its nature. Consult your surgeon about your individual risk before undergoing any operation. Dr. Krunal Solanki Is One Of Ahmedabad’s Leading Laparoscopic Surgeons. 

How Painful is Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery?

The majority of people who undergo hernia surgery experience some pain in the days leading up to and immediately following the procedure. Your hernia surgery will be performed under general anesthesia in most open, laparoscopic, and robotic procedures


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